Parking Lot Church Service



Join us for Parking Lot Church

This Sunday, October 4  |  11:30 am


Tune in to 107.1 from our parking lot

or watch live-streamed on our Facebook group.


We are hosting "Parking Lot Church" this Sunday, October 4  but we have changed the start time to 11:30 am. We invite all who wish to join us for that service "together".  We've had great interest in our LIVE auditorium services, but some are still hesitant to attend them.  The Parking Lot Church  makes it possible for our whole church family to come together for worship.

You can bring lawn chairs and sit beside your car as you listen to our service on the PA or you can sit in your car and listen to the service  on 107.1 FM.  If you plan on attending, please help our Safety Team plan for adequate parking by clicking the button below to register.  

For those who feel safer at home, we will live-stream our 10:30 am service on our FACEBOOK page as well.   We are committed to maintaining community during this crisis and hope this parking lot church service helps you realize that the Maryland Heights church is still a thriving community of believers.


Register Your Car for Our Parking Lot Serivce


Here's How To Make The Most of Our Parking Lot Church

  • The service will begin at 10:30 am but those who attend are encouraged to arrive early to allow for our safety team members to arrange for parking.
  • Enter the church parking lot through the EAST entrance near the sign. 
  • Stop at the awning and pick up a copy of the service schedule and pre-sealed communion/bread cups for all in your vehicle as well as an order of worship with lyrics of the songs we will be singing.  If you prefer, you can download it from here later this week.   
  • Anyone who is not already mailing in your contribution or making it online, can drop off a donation in a receptacle at the awning.
  • You will be directed to a parking space facing the church building.  We will be parking cars in every other parking space. After you park, those who wish to sit beside their cars can pull out their lawn chairs.
  • Restrooms are available for emergency use only.  If you need to use a restroom, you must wear a mask or face covering and go to the awning entrance to be directed where and when to enter the building. Other than these emergencies, NO ONE will be allowed in the building.
  • The service should last about 45 minutes and afterwards you can head out either entrance to go home.




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