The Gospel of Mark


We're kicking off a NEW Bible study that depends on your participation to make it successful. It's an 11 week study through the book of Mark and  involves your personal devotional time, a brief video and a video conference with others to discuss the story and it's application.  You can use any of these tools, but to gain the most benefit, we urge you to participate in all three of them. 


Personal Devotional Time

First we ask you to read through the assigned passage for each week.  Most readings are about a  chapter long so it won't take you long to read through it.  After you read it, spend some time thinking about the passage and some insights or questions you come across.  You can CLICK HERE to download some thought questions for each study.  It's best if you do this reading days before our video conference.

Reading Schedule For Our Study

May 17 - Mark 1:1-13

May 24 - Mark 1:14-45

May 31 - Mark 2:1 - 3:6

June 7 - Mark 3:7-4:34

June 14 - Mark 4:35 5:43

June 21 - Mark 6:1-29

June 28 - Mark 6:30 - 8:30

July 5 - Mark 8:31 - 10:52

July 12 - Mark 11:1 - 13:37

July 19 - Mark 14:1 - 15:47

July 26 - Mark 15:40 - 16:8

Watch the Video

Francis Chan is a well knows preacher and passionate Christian and has produced 10 minute videos share some of his insights from the passage.  They are all professionally filmed in Israel so in addition to hearing about the stories, you get to see many of the places Jesus where said and did the things recorded in Mark's gospel.  The videos are offered FREE at  Just follow the link and register for their free account to watch them.


Join our Group Discussion

This is the best part of the study.  On Wednesdays at 7pm we'll all meet online for a ZOOM video conference to discuss the passage and our insights.  Think of it as our Wednesday night classes ONLINE!  It's a great place to share your thoughts or questions about the passage, but even if you just want to login to watch and listen, you're welcome to be part of this time together. 

If you've never ZOOM'ed before you can CLICK HERE to watch a video about how to register and download the software. Whether from your PC or your phone, you can join the group and get to see and hear from your friends at #WeAReMHCOC.   Once you're ready to sign up and download the software, CLICK HERE and you'll be taken to the ZOOM website.  If the technology scares you, don't worry.  We're here to make sure everyone who wants to participate can get online for the discussion.  Call or email the church office for help getting the  technology set up.


It's  A New World

The COVID-19 crisis has demanded that we reinvent church fellowship and Bible study groups.  But nothing can stop us from spending time together exploring God's Word. We're committed to doing everything we can to build and grow our faith community and we hope you'll join us in this study as we pursue that goal.