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World Missions

Jesus calls us to join his mission of bringing hope and forgiveness to every nation, tribe and people.  So in addition to caring for our church family, we are actively involved in sharing the story of Jesus to our community and across the globe.   

Where We Serve

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The island of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa is home to 30 million people.  Maryland Heights sponsors the work and collaborated with other individuals and churches to support Romain and Nevo, local Christian evangelists who plant and nurture churches across the island.

South Pacific Bible College

South Pacific Bible College transforms the lives of students and equips them to multiply followers of Jesus . From full-time evangelists to vocation missionaries, these graduates grow and strengthen churches across the South Pacific region.

Steve Raine is the executive director. 

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Strasbourg, France

Strausbourg, France is our touchpoint in taking the gospel to Europe.  Although Europe is increasingly secular, we see great things being accomplished through the work of Daniel and Tammy Frerot.

ACTS Campus Ministry

ACTS campus ministry serves university students across St. Louis.  Many of these young men and women are international students who establish or deepen their faith through the efforts of ACTS campus ministry and  this ministry gives us a hands-on way to reach across the globe. 

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