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April Is Missions Month at MHCOC

Apr 1, 2024

A mission focus every week in April

We're focusing on our major mission efforts throughout the month of April. Each Sunday, we will highlight one of our four mission works - sharing the exciting news of how MHCOC is making a world-wide impact for God's Kingdom.

On April 28, we will conclude with a special contribution for all these mission efforts. We include a base support in our yearly budget, but because these efforts are part of our core mission, we have decided to invite the MH family to help out in a special way.

Join us each Sunday in April to hear more about how we are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus around the world and be considering how you might participate in helping our more with our special missions contribution on April 28.

Here's the list of major mission efforts we support and the dates we will highlight each one.

April 7- ACTS Campus Ministry
April 14 - Strausbourg, France
April 21 - South Pacific Bible College (guest speaker Steve Raine)
April 28 - Madagascar

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